We asked ourselves, and all the participants of the Bitta Generation workshop: what can we do with the tools we have, on the topics we all share? How can we contribute with what we know, and with the skills we have, to the activistic struggle in field of sustainable development and ecology?

Graphic art, comics journalism and storytelling, video animation: these three mediums divided our large group in three teams who spent 10 wonderful days in Vasto, Italy, in June 2011, getting to know more about the local ecology problems, informing each other about the global and universal topics and facts considering this issue, and reacting to all these inputs with their own sensibility, techniques and approaches.

It turned out that the close personal contact with the nature helps most to understand the value and importance of preserving it, since we ourselves are also part of that nature.

So, besides drawing sessions, we spent long hours visiting natural reserves, beaches and forests. This enriching experience is summarized in this book and one travelling exhibition. We hope you will like it.