Then, what is the element of cohesion, what are the things that unite all these people in what we call generation? And, particularly, Bitta Generation?

Today, young people are nomads more than ever before.

As you can guess, term Bitta Generation was created through game of words that ironically references to the context of American beat generation, which was the first post-war generation of writers, poets, jazz musicians and other free spirits that were active in America during 1950's, and who in some way prepared the arrival of hippie culture that was about to blossom in 60's.

Critical reaction to reality, glorification of personal choice and mental independence of the individual were the most valuable inheritances of this generation. On the other hand, word Bitta comes from Italian language, and represents that steel thing on a dock that sailors use to tie their boats to. Bitta is, in a way, sign that you are at safe, settled for a while, away from winds, big waves, unease and unpredictability of the open sea. Bitta means that you have arrived somewhere, to spend some time there, to get to know the situation.