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No, I wasn’t born in Dubrovnik in 1332, I am just a namesake born some centuries later on the other side of the adriatic sea, precisely in Chieti, though my family lives in Vasto, some km below.

I studied architecture in Florence and graduated at the stroke of the millennium.

Soon after I started working for City Lights Italia to the installation of the exhibition “Dune – the film you will never see”, showcasing the storyboard of the film never realized by Jodorowsky and Moebius.

City Lights Italia was a great independent editor and bookstore, branch of the famous City Lights of San Francisco, founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. With them I also published “Una fine da stronzi”, collection of poems, tales and pictures, my first eco-political engagement as an artist.

In 2003 I left Florence to attend a master degree in Architecture and Technology of Developing Countries, ended with a workshop on traditional building techniques in Tamnougalt, Morocco. There started my interest in raw earth architecture, that I pursued in my country, Abruzzo, as member of “Terrae onlus” association in Chieti.

In 2005 I’ve been working as an architect in India on heritage conservation projects, and in 2006 in Spain on heritage destruction projects.

Back in Italy in 2007, I have devoted more time and energy to my artistic interests, gradually turning into an ARTitect.

I have exhibited my strips and cartoons at Terra Futura in Florence, Festival of sustainable development practices, and at Crack- Fumetti dirompenti, festival of independent comics in Rome, opening up new paths and discovering the wonderful world of balkan indipendent comics. I have participated to “Container Art” in Rome, with the installation “Itinerant natural reserve” dedicated to the extinction of living species.

In 2008 I collaborated to “Due sponde un mare” festival of Adriatic creativity, and exhibited in the collective exhibition Adri/Art.

In 2009 I started collaborating to O.R.A. (Observe Rethink Act) international seminars, in the framework of Youth Exchange Program, dedicated to sustainable development issues, resulted in many collective exhibitions and two books: BITTA GENERATION, published in 2011 and BITTA RE-GENERATION, published in 2013.

In 2009 I have published my first novel "La Marcia Dei Frigoriferi Verso Il Polo Nord" (The fridge march towards the North Pole) dedicated to the hot topic of melting of polar ice-cap. Presenting it in Florence I have declared it was Franco Sacchetti’s new book after 663 years.

In 2009 I have published my first novel "La Marcia Dei Frigoriferi Verso Il Polo Nord" (The fridge march toward the North Pole) dedicated to the burning issue of melting of polar ices. Presenting it in Florence I have declared it was Franco Sacchetti’s new book after 663 years.

Over the years I have collaborated as a cartoonist with several magazines, among them “Ecologist” italiano, “Eco - educazione sostenibile”, e dal 2014, “ Terra Nuova”; I have dedicated myself to creative workshops in schools, prisons, hospices, natural reserves… everywhere, mainly on environmental education topics; I have worked on “EU-ROPA- io abito qui this is my address”: artistic project dedicated to clothes, through the medium of performing and visual arts, aiming to support the European Clean Clothes Campaign. I have collaborated with Francuccio Gesualdi of CNMS to “Debito Pubblico – Decido anch’io” campaign, to promote awarenes and active citizenship about the topic of Public Debt, I have worked on RIABITARE IL FUTURO with Francesca etc, an artistic investigation aiming to promote re-use and valorization of rural marginalized areas. From this project came out the itinering performance RACCOLTO, as a result of residential periods in 12 small depopulated villages in Abruzzo, Italy.

In 2016 I have published “FRATINI D’ITALIA- cronache di resistenza dale nostre spiagge”, comics reportage dedicated to the Kentish Plover, little bird nesting on the beach, in danger of extinction, and to the many activists struggling to save its last reproductive colonies; followed in 2018 by “Dove I rondoni vanno a dormire” graphic novel dedicated to swifts.

In 2018 I have published ALL YOU SEED IS LOVE illustrated book for children on the topic of seeds and biodiversity.

I try my best to do and support activism; to save our heritage or what’s left of it; to help those who, everywhere it is, are fighting for a different future, or just a future. So I provide willingly the cartoons in this site and in my archive for every cause that I share.

Enjoy the visit in my site. See you soon!


p.s. if you are curious and would like to know something about my illustrious namesake, Franco Sacchetti, just google his name and he will surely appear.